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What in the world does 1099 Marketing mean?

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Website Design & Development
and Online Marketing.

1099 Marketing serves two types of clients.

  1. Marketing and website companies alike that are in need of a website developer / online marketer to complete jobs for their existing clients at a very competitive (wholesale) price.
  2. Small to medium sized businesses that need quality and effective websites, online marketing, social media marketing and advertising at fair and competitive pricing. To see how I can help your business, fill out the form on my contact page!

Website Design & Development

How does your website look on a mobile device? (Smartphone, tablet, etc.)
How does it look on different screen sizes?
How does it look in different web browsers?

If it (your website) looks good on all of the above, then FANTASTIC! If it does NOT, you need to really find out what it will take to get your site to respond appropriately.

I utilize Wordpress and I recommend using the theme, BeTheme. It's capabilities and loading speeds are fantastic and it's mobile responsiveness is top notch.

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Decrease Costs
Increase Profits

I am big fan of the financial guru, Dave Ramsey and he teaches individuals and business owners alike to decrease their outgoing dollars and increase their income. I know, a lot easier said than done, but nevertheless, possible for EVERYONE!

Effective websites that capture the attention of a targeted audience and the marketing plans that get them there don't need to cost a fortune. I like to look at business and my clients from a fiduciary perspective. It is my goal and pleasure to do what's in the best interest of my clients.

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