Chris Maas

Hi, I’m Chris!
With the breadth of technical knowledge to make a website run efficiently, the design eye to make it beautiful, and the SEO and marketing prowess to make it found, I will bring this trifecta to your business! I also create and execute multifaceted online marketing campaigns–utilizing social media, websites, search engine optimization, video and more to add to your bottom line. I understand and harness the power of the all-mighty web, so you can rest easy and run your (increased) business.


These people are the absolute best at what they do!

Owned by Rachel Booth

Website, graphic design, social media, branding & copywriting services in Pittsburgh, Southwest PA and beyond!

Brooks Canavesi

Senior Strategist

Problem Solutions is quite an incredible company, from app development to learning ecosystems to providing R&D technologies for the US government.

Owned by Tim McGlaughlin & Tripp Clarke

When you are ready for your brand to really stand out, you call 321 Blink! They are a full-service marketing agency with the best video production team in the state.

Owned by Tim Kirsch

I have been working side-by-side with Tim for the past 7 years! Tim will take your strategic development to the next level and his true specialty is getting the most out of your advertising budget.